History of Polish Scouting

History of Polish Scouting Association in Canada

The Polish Scouting Association established outside of Poland (ZHP pgk) is a continuation of the ideology of the pre-war Polish Scouting movement started in 1910 in Poland by Andrzej Małkowski and Olga Drahonowska-Małkowska.


The Polish Scouting promise is based on service to God, Poland and helping others.

The birthplace of the Polish Canadian Scouting movement was Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Prior to World War II, the Canadian Polish scouting movement existed within the ranks of Scouts Canada.  At the end of 1939, there were 31 organized clusters and scout troops. The outbreak of World War II interrupted the development of the Polish Scouting movement in Canada.

With the influx of Poles to Canada after the Second World War came a large number of young people having scouting experience, from India, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

During 1948 – 1951 years, the first polish scouting troops were established in the cities of Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

The Polish Girl Scouts Headquarters (Komenda Chorągwi Harcerek) was established in September 1952 and the Polish Boy Scouts Headquarters (Komenda Chorągwi Harcerzy) was established in August 1953.

In May 1955, a District Convention (Zjazd Okręgu) was held, which elected the first District Board (Zarząd Okręgu).

By 1955, the Polish Scouting movement in Canada had united within a formal organizational structure called the Polish Scouting Association in Canada. The Association brings together four organizations:

  • Ø The Organization of Girl Scouts
  • Ø The Organization of Boy Scouts
  • Ø The Organization of Senior/Rover Scouts
  • Ø The Organization of Parents’ Auxiliaries


In 2012, the Polish Girls Scouts Association celebrated 60 years of activity in Canada.


The Polish Boy Scouts Association in Canada is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2013.

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